SitCom Suites - BuildaMOC
SitCom Suites - BuildaMOC
SitCom Suites - BuildaMOC
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SitCom Suites


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SitCom Suites - Parts 1, 2 & 3 Sitcom Suites is a complementary design to the SitComplex. It consists of official LEGO sets based on TV shows/movies that are placed into a building set up that is compatible to a modular city layout.

This MOC is a modification of the original LEGO sets 10291 Queer Eye, 21328 Seinfeld and an original MOC of New Girl TV show designed to be compatible. It consists of 4154 pieces, of which 2075 are extra pieces needed aside from the sets 10291 and 21328.

This is another great way to maximize space in a LEGO room by placing the sets based on TV shows and movies on top of one another with a cohesive exterior
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