Large Scale Display Kits

Large Scale Display Kits

If you are looking to bring eyeballs to your trade show table, or an office display, large scale brick kits made with original LEGO® bricks for display is what you need!

We offer:

  • Custom large scale LEGO® design services (we will work with you to translate your design into brick form).
  • Motorization and functionality options. If your product has movement or functionality we can recreate it in brick form.
  • Building services. We can build and glue your large scale display kit so that it's safe to travel between trade shows.
  • We package your built design in custom made wooden crates that you can re-use to move the design around without risking it's safety.
  • Once the design is ready you can order and reorder from just one unit onwards!

Want your own custom brick kit?

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The most important information that we need is:

  • What you are looking to create as a brick kit!
  • Ideal/target cost per kit (or a range works).
  • Estimated order quantity.
  • Ideal timeline, if any.

Large display sets case studies

Inmarsat (Viasat), the leading satellite provider, came to us looking to create a large scale model of a new generation of satellite that they were working on, in conjunction with AIRBUS.

They wanted the display to be at least two meter long, including the wingspan, to be able to attract attention and awe all of the trade-show goers.

Spanning 206 cm long, and standing about 80 cm tall, we created this design using 5,000 LEGO® pieces!

A building firm wanted to create a large scale display set of the new Moxy hotel that they were working on.

We worked with them to advise on ideal scale based on what they were looking for, and designed this brick model, which is 30 x 30 x 15 inches. It boasts a piece count of over 8,000 LEGO® bricks and weight of over 10 KG!

It is now on display at their main office.

Perenco wanted to create a medium scale display model of their latest Oil Rig, to be able to gift it to some retiring employees.

They were able to provide many pictures from different angles to be able to help with their design. We had a very tight timeline for this project, but because we do everything in-house, we were able to produce and ship to Africa 5 of these models in record time!

The models are 20 x 50 x 31 cm and include 1,200 pieces each!

The Sr. Creative Manager at Brother International wanted a large scale display set of two of their main products, the iconic Brother Sewing Machine and Printer, for a company conference.

After a discovery call to better judge ideal scale, project timings and products, we designed and built these two models.

As usual, we created custom crates for safe transport, and they were succesfully exhibited on the conference! They both include around 8,000 original LEGO® bricks!


Our Key Points

  • Ease of building. We take care of everything. We will work with you to create an original design, create the instructions, revise as needed, and later on also create the brick kits.
  • 100% Original LEGO® bricks. We only use parts taken directly from unopened sets, or bought from authorized dealers/LEGO® itself. We trust the quality that only original LEGO® bricks provide.
  • Excellent customer service. Our most important asset is our customers, so we do everything on our power to let you have a pleasant experience.
  • Flexibility. We aim to be as flexible as possible, adapting to your needs, budget, timing, etc. We'll use our expertise to advise you on how the project you have in mind can be done!

Credit: BETA engineering

Corporate gifts, small kits for giveaways, gigantic custom brick builds... we do it all!

Whether you are looking to reward your employees with a nice, tailor-made set, or you want to gift a miniature model of a big project to your clients, we can do it.

BuildaMOC has a team of designers available to work on your custom design, and a logistics team able to produce your complete custom kit, complete with original and genuine LEGO® parts, custom stickers, printed parts, box and instructions.

There are many custom brick designers, however almost none have over 5 million bricks in stock ready to go at a moment's notice. Here at BuildaMOC, we take care of every step of the process, to ensure that your project is perfect.

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