The most common question when designing a custom brick set for business (or private customers) is: how much will a custom set cost?

There are many aspects to this price, as there are many steps in the custom build process.

1. Design

2. Kit preparation with original LEGO® parts (we only use original parts)

3. Final add-ons

Follow this article to better understand the custom brick design process and costs, or get in touch directly writing to us at for us to be able to help you with your custom brick design!


The first step for any custom set is the design phase. From the very beginning of the process, we work with you to help you understand what is needed. The brick world is very unique and specific, and we put our expertise in it on your hands, to be able to create the best possible design.
There are many specific things that we need to keep in mind while designing a custom brick set.


  • Availability/cost of parts. Not all parts are always available. We need to use parts which are available, to be able to create a custom design that can be replicated. This goes hand in hand with the final price per kit, as some parts might be scarcely available, but if you are interested in creating over 1000 copies of your custom kit, they could become impossible to gather. All of this is carefully considered when creating a custom brick design.
  • Translating your design to bricks. We work with you to be able to translate your own design/products or ideas to the brick world.
  • Speed. The custom kit process can be long, and if you need them fast, we can work with you to improve delivery times. There are many parts to the design process. After the design is ready and approved, we have to print instructions and create custom kits, gathering parts from all over the world for you. This process can take 5-7 weeks in total, but if you need the kits for a specific event, we can work with you to speed the process up and ensure that you have them ready for it.


The parts for your kits are the core components of your custom brick kit. From the design process, we take consideration to which parts come in your kits. Some might be old, rare or expensive, so we use our brick expertise to create a design which has as many cost effective parts as possible.

We package each kit separately and parts inside custom kits are sorted by categories. They come in separate bags which allows for easier building. We also double check each kit, to ensure that no part is missing, and we offer a no hassle part replacement policy, just to be sure.

This is usually the most expensive part of the whole custom kit. We work with you to ensure that your kits are within budget, and actively recommend you on which size the kit should be, based on your budget.

We have worked on a very wide range of custom brick designs previously, from 650 custom medium sized car kits, to a one-off 75 cm model of a Yacht. We are flexible and can adapt to your needs.


The third element to your kits, apart from the design and the parts, are the other add-ons, such as printed instructions, custom packaging, merchandise/swag, shipping directly to customers, etc.

We work with you from the beginning to ensure that you understand the price of each additional element and can build your own kit adapted to your news. These options add to the presence of your custom kit, but are not always necessary.

A company which has a trade show and might want to gift their customers custom kits, could want a printed box and instructions, but a different company that is making a few kits for employees, might prefer digital instructions and shipping directly to them, especially if they are scattered around the world.
In any case, we are flexible and work hard to adapt to your exact custom brick needs.

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