Small Kits for Giveaways

Small Kits for Giveaways

If you are looking to awe your clients, employees, etc., small scale custom brick kits made with original LEGO® bricks for giveaways is what you need!

We offer:

  • Custom corporate LEGO® design services (we will work with you to translate your design into brick form).
  • Proper fully color printed custom designed packaging (none of that carton box with a sticker on top).
  • Fully color printed custom designed booklet with instructions, to which you can add any information, messages or marketing speak.
  • Custom sticker sheets or UV printed LEGO® pieces to further brand your kit.
  • Manufacture of the kits in-house (we don't offsource, we control everything from design to putting the kits together).
  • Many other custom services, like shipping DTC, rush services, branding and design services, etc. We are very flexible!

Want your own custom brick kit?

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The most important information that we need is:

  • What you are looking to create as a brick kit!
  • Ideal/target cost per kit (or a range works).
  • Estimated order quantity.
  • Ideal timeline, if any.

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Small kits for giveaways case studies

SentinelOne, one of our most loyal customers, has been bringing joy to many of their customers and fans worldwide with this Security Operations Center set.

They wanted to stand out with promotional giveaways, and got in touch a few years ago researching the posibilities of creating a SOC LEGO® kit.

Since then, we have helped them through multiple versions of the set, logistics and distribution around the world and direct to events, last minute rush orders, etc.

Jetbrains came to us to create their employee gifts for the year. They wanted to offer their employees something unique, Christmas themed, family friendly, that would help them bond.

Their mascot was a fox, so we suggested a LEGO® Brickheadz style fox, using their brand colors where possible to keep it brand-themed. We UV printed a flag with their logo, to boot!

Expel wanted to create some unique gifts for a few upcoming trade shows and product launches. Their mascot was a small bot, and they wanted to LEGO®-ify it!

We created this desktop size statue that someone could build, and then proudly keep on display, while also being reminded of the brand.

It includes two UV printed LEGO® bricks for branding.

Look at how Grundfos uses their DELTA HCU brick set to engage and explain to their customers how they work!

They wanted to create a LEGO® bricks set that also had some thought into it. An important part of their equipment was a specific way in which it was engineered, which made it different to the competition.

They requested that we represent this special functionality in the brick set, and we were able to correctly translate their design into brick language. They also used the booklet to highlight this!

What our Custom Brick Kits Include

Custom, Color Printed packaging

No custom brick kit is complete without fully printed custom packaging—not just a single side or a sticker on the box! The packaging is the first thing the recipient sees, and we all know the importance of first impressions.

All our kits come with printed packaging. We can provide blank templates for your team to customize, or we can handle the design for you.

Custom, Color Printed Booklets

If you want to convey a message with your kit, we offer the option to include booklet pages as introduction pages, at the end, or even in the middle for the builder to see—all at no extra cost.

Just like our boxes, these pages are fully color printed and customizable.


Sticker Sheets

For customization inside the kit, we offer two main options: stickers and UV-printed bricks.

Both options are available at no extra cost.

Stickers are ideal for a large number of customizations or logos, or when multiple pieces need to be covered. We provide both transparent and white stickers.

UV Printed Bricks

In our opinion, UV printing is the best form of customization we offer.

Printing directly onto bricks ensures precise placement of graphics and prevents them from being removed, unlike stickers. This method also gives the product a higher quality feel.

Because we produce the UV-printed pieces ourselves, there is no extra charge for this option.

In-house Manufacturing

Unlike many other manufacturers you may come across, we operate together under one roof.

This setup allows us to oversee the entire production process firsthand in our 700m² facility in our hometown of Sevilla, Spain.

As a result, we minimize the risk of delays often caused by involving multiple third parties in the process.

Additional Services

We are customer-centric and committed to making your project a success. Whatever you need, we'll do our best to make it happen.

Needless to say, we ship worldwide with DHL Express and UPS. Additionally, we provide rates for DTC shipping, shipping to multiple locations, warehousing solutions if you need us to hold your items, and direct shipping to events or trade shows.


Our Key Points

  • Ease of building. We take care of everything. We will work with you to create an original design, create the instructions, revise as needed, and later on also create the brick kits.
  • 100% Original LEGO® bricks. We only use parts taken directly from unopened sets, or bought from authorized dealers/LEGO® itself. We trust the quality that only original LEGO® bricks provide.
  • Excellent customer service. Our most important asset is our customers, so we do everything on our power to let you have a pleasant experience.
  • Flexibility. We aim to be as flexible as possible, adapting to your needs, budget, timing, etc. We'll use our expertise to advise you on how the project you have in mind can be done!

Credit: BETA engineering

Corporate gifts, small kits for giveaways, gigantic custom brick builds... we do it all!

Whether you are looking to reward your employees with a nice, tailor-made set, or you want to gift a miniature model of a big project to your clients, we can do it.

BuildaMOC has a team of designers available to work on your custom design, and a logistics team able to produce your complete custom kit, complete with original and genuine LEGO® parts, custom stickers, printed parts, box and instructions.

There are many custom brick designers, however almost none have over 5 million bricks in stock ready to go at a moment's notice. Here at BuildaMOC, we take care of every step of the process, to ensure that your project is perfect.

Contact us at for custom business quotes.