Who we are

After many years selling and buying individual LEGO® bricks, we wanted to give back to the LEGO® community. We are really glad that you liked our LEGO® project enough to join us in this journey!


BuildaMOC takes the hassle out of custom MOC building. Find awesome MOCs (My Own Creation) and get them delivered right to your doorstep. No hassle.


Our Key Points

  • Ease of building. You purchase a MOC, we take care of everything. You receive the original instructions plus the parts without any work.
  • 100% Original bricks. We only use parts taken directly from unopened LEGO® sets, or bought from authorized dealers/LEGO® itself.
  • Excellent customer service. Our most important asset is our customers, so we do everything on our power to let you have a pleasant experience.
  • Giving back to our designers. A minimum of 10% of every sale goes to the designer of the MOC. We both appreciate the amazing builds that they create, and want to support them in their creative endeavours.

Daddy, how are MOCs made?

- The Raw Material.

We only use original bricks taken from sealed sets, or from trusted stores. We then have to sort and classify them, to be able to easily find them later when producing MOCs.

Álvaro is in charge of making sure that our coffers are never empty.

- Production.

After we receive an order, we have to gather the necessary parts for you to be able to build your MOC. We start the classification process, taking from our inventory of LEGO® bricks, according to the part list of your MOC.

Gerardo (yes, the one who replies to emails too!), is in charge of the arduous process of part-gathering.

- Preparation.

After all of the parts have been gathered, the MOC is not yet ready! We want to ensure the best possible experience, so we double-check every MOC. This way, we can make sure that every correct part is there, and we can also sort it by part category, so that they are easier to find.

Luis is in charge of giving MOCs the final touch!

- The end result.

Your MOC is classified and ready to go, waiting to be built! We ship worldwide with UPS Express. This is what happens behind the scenes when you purchase a MOC.

Now you know.

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