Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
Modular Train Station
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Modular Train Station


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    PART COUNT 13171
  • Vendor: Das_Felixle
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Design by -Felix- from GRUNDSTEIN.

The Train Station consists of 13171 Parts. It's 68 cm high and it uses five 32x 32 stud plates as Base, so it measures approximatly 77 x 51 x 68 cm.

It's devided into several sub-models according to the buildings floors.

The scale and style of the building  is compatible with modular buildings. It's also compatible/ usable with all regular LEGO trains in regular minifigure scale.
The idea behind the building is similar to many historic train stations usually found in Europe: 
Those train stations often consist of a main building/hall, often build in the late 19th, early 20th century in the Art Nouveau style. A more modern steal/glass canopy was often added to them later in the mid 20th century. This creates an interesting mixture of styles which I wanted to capture with this build. I decided to put a special focus on a very detailed interior.

The the ground floor features the platforms with Schedules, benches and the modern Canopy and staircases which lead to the Crossing. The main hall is right next to the plattforms and has a bookshop, a vending machine, a Ticketshop and Toilets.

Above the main hall you find the crossing to acces the plattforms with two decorative turrets, a small police Station and a restaurant with kitchen. Next to the police station is a staircase which leads you up to the tower which crowns the entire build.

The Model is very complex so it's only recommended for very experienced builders.


 NOTE: Dark green is a very costly color. Therefor, you can order it with a different color for the walls. just choose your favorite color in the menu above. If you want to build the version you see in the renders, pick "#80 dark green".

Please keep in mind that part "
87620 Brick, Modified Facet 2 x 2", which is included 2x, is not available in "#6 green", "#8 brown", "#59 dark red", "#68 dark orange" and "#88 reddish brown". For those colors, the part will be included in "#85 dark bluish gray" as a substitute.

Also check out my other building for your modular city, the modular cathedral!

If you have any questions just send me a message on Rebrickable.

Have fun while building
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