MOC - Meteosat Third Generation (MTG-I)
MOC - Meteosat Third Generation (MTG-I)
MOC - Meteosat Third Generation (MTG-I)
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MOC - Meteosat Third Generation (MTG-I)


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Building on the long-standing partnership between ESA and Eumetsat, Meteosat Third Generation will guarantee the continuity of data for weather forecasting from geostationary orbit for the next two decades. The full MTG system is based on a series of two types of satellite: four MTG-Imagers and two MTG-Sounders. The first satellite, MTG-I1, is due to be launched on 14 December 2022.

This MOC is not really following a specific scale, I was mostly aiming for modelling the shape as good as possible to have a nice model which can be put on a desk. (There is a stand included in the instructions.)
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