Mini Skull Rock, by Yatkuu
Mini Skull Rock, by Yatkuu
Mini Skull Rock, by Yatkuu
Mini Skull Rock, by Yatkuu
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Mini Skull Rock, by Yatkuu


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Sailors, Mateys, let's embark on a pirate's boat !

Mini Skull Rock is the last one of the four LEGO architecture builds designed by the creator Yatkuu. This LEGO moc is miniaturizing the beautiful entrance area from the iconic Disneyland Paris attraction "Pirates of the Caribbean".

This microscale reproduces the skull rock and the boat (that you can both visit when you are within the Disney theme park) with an extremely accurate sense of details. The boat is especially impressive thanks to advanced building techniques, quite remarkable for such a pocket model.

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Please note that you can also build three other mini LEGO architecture builds inspired from Disneyland Paris iconic locations: Mini Phantom Manor, Mini Hollywood Tower Hotel and Mini Thunder Mountain 

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