Mercedes Formula W10
Mercedes Formula W10
Mercedes Formula W10
Mercedes Formula W10
Mercedes Formula W10
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Mercedes Formula W10


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This is my second Lego MOC of F1 car. This time its Mercedes Formula W10 from 2019 season. The base is the same as Ferrari F1 SF 90 but the body is different in some elements as I have to adjust to the available technic panels in LBG color.
It’s in scale 1:8.
Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm
Weight 2,0 kg
Pieces: 2314 
Making the MOC my main goal was display model so I decided to make it look as close as possible using all official Lego parts.   
It features:
- front and rear suspension
- fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala instruction here:
- removable front wing   
- removable engine cover,   
- removable headrest system   
- drs 
- steering (working but hard to reach due the headrest system but remember its display model) 

Parts list also include parts from Fake V6 engine with my small modification on top with bushes. 

The instruction has been done in in PDF. 

I also designed stickers sheet (not included in the kit)
Hope you enjoy it. 


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