Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
Medieval Stables - BuildaMOC
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Medieval Stables


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This MOC consists of the Medieval Stables, a perfect addition to any Lego medieval city!
The Stables are full of details and small creations! Both the interior and the exterior of the building are fully-equipped and meticulously decorated. This MOC is also a modular building as the roof can be easily removed and give full access to the main building, increasing the set's play-ability.
The Stables MOC is surrounded by nature including three tree MOCs and many smaller creations (cart, wood cutter, multiple hay stashes for the horses and more). In the front side of the building, a smaller roof-covered area is located, for the horses to drink their water and enjoy the sun during the day!
The main building consists of two floors. The main floor is divided into multiple separate stalls for individual horses while all the equipment needed can be found inside. The MOC also includes a 2-wheel horse-drawn cart that unfortunately needs some repairing. The second floor can be accessed by the exterior stairs and leads to a small storage area where the owner is also hiding his war armour (from his glorious past days!). 
The exterior of the building is decorated with wooden tiles and round shapes to add to the set the medieval feeling. The design is also inspired by the official Medieval Blacksmith set and was built to fit with it. For more details, please check the posted pictures.
Total: 2980 pieces
Size:  46 x 42 x 32 cm   (one 32x32 baseplate + two 16x32)    
Note: the depicted mini-figures and horses are not included in the instructions and the part-list. They are used for displaying and inspiration!
Thank you for your support! Please feel free to contact me for any comments/feedback. I hope you enjoy my creations and more will come! Have fun building!!
We can do custom part lists, designs and make MOCs which are not on our page. Send us a message with what you want, and we'll work for you!