McLaren F1 MP4/6 1:8 Scale
McLaren F1 MP4/6 1:8 Scale
McLaren F1 MP4/6 1:8 Scale
McLaren F1 MP4/6 1:8 Scale
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McLaren F1 MP4/6 1:8 Scale

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McLaren MP4/6 1:8 Scale  

I would like to present my version of McLaren MP4/6 from 1991 season in 1:8 scale. This is the car that Ayrton Senna won his third championship. This is F1 car powered by a V12 engine that won championship.

The main highlight for this model is removable whole body to put on special designed stand and display both exterior and interior of the car. I put a lot of attention to have interior looking as good as it can. I wanted it to match the model kits from Tamiya and similar.

The HOG is hidden in default version as I wanted to have look of the car the best I can but you can very easly add the HOG steering.

I also designed stand that you can put the body as separate display piece.

The set features:
-        2 Speed manual gearbox with lever in cockpit
-        Fake V12 engine  
-        Suspension front and rear
-        Steering connected to driver wheel
-        HOG (hidden in default version)
-        Removable whole body of the car,  
-        You can remove front and rear wing,
-        Seatbelts,
-        Detailed interior of the car
The instruction has been done in in PDF.      
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