Leviathan Attack
Leviathan Attack
Leviathan Attack
Leviathan Attack
Leviathan Attack
Leviathan Attack
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Leviathan Attack


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This is a kinetic display stand for the Leviathan model that comes in LEGO set 76269 Avengers Tower. Turning the crank on the side of the model causes the Leviathan to move with a fluid motion, just like in the movies. While it is ‘flying’, it also flaps its front wings and opens and closes its mouth.

Here is a short demonstration video where you can see it in operation.

This model comes in several configurations, depending on whether or not you own set 76269, whether you want to motorize the model. These options are outlined below.

Full Model

This gives you all the pieces needed to build the full model, including the Leviathan.

Stand Only

If you already own set 76269, then you already own most of the pieces for building the Leviathan itself. This option gives you all the pieces needed to build the stand and make the necessary modifications to the Leviathan so that it can move freely.

Motor Option

By default, the model is manually powered with a crank on the side. If you choose the motor option, you will get two Circuit Cubes elements (Geared Motor Cube and Regular Battery Box), which can be used to motorize the model. The video above shows how the model can be manually controlled or motorized.

Build Notes

Note that in addition to building the stand, many changes need to be made to the Leviathan model so that it can be mounted on the stand and move freely.

If you already have the Leviathan built, you will need to partially disassemble and modify it. The parts needed, and the instructions for doing this, are included with both versions of the kit.

Hulk minifigure shown in some pictures is not included in the set.

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