Flower Basket, by Picea
Flower Basket, by Picea
Flower Basket, by Picea
Flower Basket, by Picea
Flower Basket, by Picea
Flower Basket, by Picea
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Flower Basket, by Picea


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Introducing one of Picea latest creation: a stunning Flower Basket made entirely from LEGO bricks!

This LEGO moc is a unique blend of creativity and detail that adds a touch of floral elegance to any space. This beautiful creation stands on a basket meticulously woven from tan brick.

But the real beauty of this LEGO build lies in its floral decoration.
Picture lifelike hydrangea blossoms, sunny daffodils, and playful pinwheels, all expertly constructed from LEGO bricks.

Each element adds a burst of color and whimsy, transforming the basket into a delightful masterpiece.

Not just for display, this LEGO flower basket is also perfect for adding a touch of floral flair to your home decor.

With Mother's Day approaching, consider surprising Mom with this unique decoration. It's a thoughtful twist on traditional gifts that she'll appreciate and cherish.

You can now bring a touch of floral beauty into your home thanks to ready-to-build kits (with 100% genuine LEGO bricks) available on BuildaMOC
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