Ferrari F1 SF21 (Detailed Edition) 1:8 Scale
Ferrari F1 SF21 (Detailed Edition) 1:8 Scale
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Ferrari F1 SF21 (Detailed Edition) 1:8 Scale


I called it Detailed Edition because I added lots of small details to the car that weren't previously included.
Check Mercedes W12 rebrickable page for detailed pictures what is new.

I only made an engine cover with dark red, but there are no panels in that colour unfortunately, so cant make it more accurate than this.

What's new in Detailed Edition:
Detailed front wing, smother curve between body and front wing, a lot more sturdy headrest, driver seatbelt, "real air intake" cooling system that goes into the engine, more detailed sidepods,cleaner engine area, proper radiators, more accurate exhausts area, very detailed diffuser, reworked rear wing its stud lower and wing is deeper.

The new 2021 specification brings also new floor this time more narrowed at the back.

It’s in scale 1:8.
Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm
Weight 2,0 kg 

It features:
- front and rear suspension
- fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala
- removable front wing   
- removable engine cover,   
- removable headrest system   
- drs 
- steering

Stickers will be available soon at my store

The instruction has been done in in PDF. 

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