DOHC Single Cylinder
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DOHC Single Cylinder

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Embark on a thrilling engineering adventure with our cutting-edge Lego Dual Overhead Cam Single Cylinder Vacuum Engine! This meticulously crafted kit combines the precision of Lego building with the excitement of automotive innovation, offering enthusiasts of all ages a unique and educational experience. Assemble your own miniature dual overhead cam design, replicating the sophisticated mechanics found in real-world engines. The set includes all the carefully selected Lego pieces you need for a seamless construction process, ensuring a satisfying and immersive building journey.

With our step-by-step digital instructions, you'll effortlessly navigate through the intricacies of assembling this dynamic vacuum engine. Watch in awe as your creation comes to life, fueled by the power of a standard vacuum cleaner. This Lego masterpiece not only satisfies your passion for hands-on construction but also opens a gateway to understanding the fascinating principles of vacuum-based propulsion. Elevate your playtime to a new level of sophistication with the Lego Dual Overhead Cam Single Cylinder Vacuum Engine – where imagination meets engineering excellence!


How to set the timing:

First you will need the crank shaft to point straight down 

Then you get your chain and be ready to set the cam timing

The cams will need to be horizontal, they both need to be facing away from each other, or 180 degrees apart

Once everything is in place, rap your chain around the timing gears, be careful that nothing sneaks out of timing while doing so. Enjoy.

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