BuWizz motor
  • SKU: BAM-942

BuWizz motor


BuWizz Motor brings real RC car experience to LEGO® Technic fans.
The most powerful motor in brick world.
Compatible with LEGO® Power Functions.

We chose this form factor because:

  • It’s easy to attach wheels directly to the motor
  • Several motors can be stacked on one axle
  • Slim profile allows for very easy integration into drive systems
  • Motors have high output RPM – something current motors lack
  • These motors are way more efficient because they don’t use double
    planetary reduction gears
  • BuWizz motor uses PF plugs, so the motor is compatible with PF 
    and the old 9V system

Benefits of BuWizz motor compared to LEGO® RC motor (5292)


  • 10% higher torque 
  • 10% higher RPM
  • 20% higher power
  • Increased current protection
  • Upgraded housing – easier to integrate into the studless system
    but still backwards compatible.