Berliet T100 - BuildaMOC
Berliet T100 - BuildaMOC
Berliet T100 - BuildaMOC
Berliet T100 - BuildaMOC
Berliet T100 - BuildaMOC
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Berliet T100


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A remote controlled 1/20 reproduction of the French Berliet T100, the largest truck of the world at its time. Features 6×6 drive with pneumatic locking differential, steering, suspensions, front fake V12 engine, rear auxiliary engine connected to the compressor, and a winch.

The T100 was the biggest truck at its time, with 5m high, 5m wide, 15m long and a weight of 50 tonnes. It was designed by French manufacturer Berliet in 1950s to transport heavy equipment for oil exploration projects, such in Sahara. The idea was to carry heavy indivisible mass avoiding to use many trucks to transport equipment, and then to reassemble it, contributing to a better operation cost. You can read more about the T100 story and the design process of this model on my website (

Specs : 1/20 scale, 63cm lenght, 22cm width, 23cm height, 3kg, 6 motors. 1 sbrick, 1 battery box. 6x AA not supplied.

Stickers sheet and building instructions in PDF included in the package.

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