Swimming Shark - BuildaMOC
Swimming Shark - BuildaMOC
Swimming Shark - BuildaMOC
Swimming Shark - BuildaMOC
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Swimming Shark


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This is a kinetic display stand for the shark from LEGO set 31088 Deep Sea Creatures. Turning the crank on the side of the model causes the shark to ‘swim’ while opening and closing its mouth. It also has a place to display the crab and treasure chest that come in the set.

Here's a short demonstration video where you can see it in operation.

There are two versions of the kit available, depending on if you already own set 31088.

Stand Only

This version contains all the parts needed to build the display stand and make the necessary modifications to the shark model. It does NOT include the parts to build the shark, crab and treasure chest. Order this version if you already have set 31088.

Full Model

This includes a copy of LEGO set 31088 in addition to the parts to build the stand. This will give you all the parts needed to build the full model.

Motor option

There is a motor option for both the pieces for the stand only and the full model. It includes two circuit cubes elements that will let the shark move by itself!

Build Notes

Note that in addition to building the stand, several changes need to be made to the shark itself. This involves replacing all of the body joints, and the lower jaw hinge, so they all move freely.

If you already have the shark built, you will need to partially disassemble and modify it. The parts and instructions for doing this are included with both versions of the kit.

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