Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
Puzzle Box Army Radio Set - BuildaMOC
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Puzzle Box Army Radio Set


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Read on only if you like building complex sophisticated models and solving puzzles, otherwise the model is not interesting for you...

Even if you have built the box yourself, you have almost no advantage in solving the puzzles, as it was constructed in a very complicated and opaque way (often asked and justified question)

Radio story: shortly before his death, a soldier in the Second World War hides his secret in his army radio, which he had previously modified. Decades later, this radio turns up again...

  • Puzzle box in the shape of a detailed old analogue army radio with microphone and mains plug (178mm x 301mm x 210mm, 2319gr.)
  • Various types of puzzles based on pneumatics, gears, levers, actuators, switches, chains, springs, launching and winding mechanisms
  • Extremely high building density
  • 25 steps required to solve (fair but also challenging puzzles), tested by several testers with and without experience with Lego
  • For examples of the puzzles see video below
  • Duration of the puzzle (depending on experience and creativity) approx. 1.5...6 hours
  • The aim is to open the secret compartment with space for a small "treasure" (48mm x 32mm x24mm)
  • Procedures for solving similar to those of adventure games: Capturing items such as keys and clues, combining and/or applying items, unlocking further puzzles, searching for keyholes and secret compartments
  • Ideal for entertaining evenings with friends but also for the individual puzzle guessers
  • Detailed building instructions for the builder (422 pages) each separate documents in English and German
  • Manuals for the puzzle rater (75 pages) each separate documents in English and German consisting of the items listed below
  • Solution booklet with multi-level clues (from cryptic clues to complete solution with step-by-step pictures)
  • Instructions for resetting the puzzles for the next puzzle rater with step-by-step pictures. So the box does not have to be rebuilt
  • Various auxiliary documentations (history of the radio, recommended procedure, allowed and not allowed, Lego haptics)
  • Tweezers, careful working and good lighting are recommended for assembly
  • Recommended solution: coffee, tea or whiskey, peace and time, good lighting, friends
  • Technical support through personal support by mail

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