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Renault - R5 Turbo


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Credit to Renault: Turning a front-wheel-drive supermini into a mid-engined, rear-drive sports car can be no easy task, and remarkably the French firm has done it twice, first with the 5 Turbo in 1980, and then in the early 2000s with the Clio V6 with help from TWR.
For the 5, Bertone was tasked with the car’s wild styling, its box-arched madness drawn up by Marcello Gandini. Bertone handled the interior too, being one of the most distinctive elements of a supremely distinctive car, with a mad red and blue colour scheme covering every surface, and an asymmetrical steering wheel that looks like the controller from an arcade machine.
RC Version includes 1 x Buwizz, 2 x Buwizz motors and 1 x Servo motor. We can provide it with custom rims!

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