Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
Prairie Dogs - BuildaMOC
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Prairie Dogs

This is a small kinetic sculpture of four prairie dogs, hanging around their burrow. Each rodent moves in a unique and interesting way, which you can see in the demonstration video below.

The model is primarily brick-built, with an internal Technic system allowing all the movement to be driven by a single hand crank or motor.
The model can be operated manually, using the hand crank in the back, or motorized using Circuit Cubes, Power Functions, or Powered UP components. When a motor is added, the model can be easily switched between motor and manual control by opening the door at the back and sliding the 16 tooth gear, which engages or disengages the motor. This is also demonstrated in the video.
Two versions of this model are available.
This version of the model can be operated manually using the hand crank, and does not include any electrical components. If you have your own electrical components, they can be easily added to motorize the model, as illustrated in the video. No other additional pieces are required.
This version of the model comes with a Circuit Cubes motor, battery box, and the wire needed to connect them. The building instructions illustrate how they are incorporated.
Model Dimensions
23cm wide, 27 cm deep, 16 cm tall

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