What is a GBC (Great Ball Contraption) and how can I build one?

by Gerardo Guidera on February 05, 2022

A Great Ball Contraption, or GBC for short, is a model made out of LEGO elements, which takes small balls or objects from one place to another. These models are actually called modules, and they can chain together to make a nice chain of mechanisms that move the balls in a visually appealing way!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's an interesting and fun chain of GBC modules which actually form a closed loop:

These modules conform to a very simple standard that works to ensure that they can be combined with each other. This allows for great creativity withing any module, while allowing it to work with the rest of the 'chain' of modules.

Polo, one of our designers from Planet GBC, is our resident expert in GBCs, and he also hosts a website specialized on these modules. You can read more about GBCs on his website: https://www.planet-gbc.com/discover-gbc/

Here, on BuildaMOC, we can provide you with a complete kit which includes all LEGO parts and instructions necessary to build one of these awesome machines. Browse our GBC machines!

You really need to watch the videos on these!


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by Lai Dancer on July 28, 2023

I love the robots, would be keen to know if you are going to produce a MOC set for the robots like your other GBc sets?
Cheers :)


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