Building Blocks of Security: SentinelOne's LEGO®-inspired Security Operations Center

by Gerardo Guidera on June 11, 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity, SentinelOne continues to lead by helping protect their clients from cyber attacks. SentinelOne approached us in 2022 with the vision of creating a one-of-a-kind Security Operations Center (SOC). To showcase the intricate work SentinelOne does, we helped them bring to life a minifigure-scale SOC using LEGO® bricks!

All of our corporate custom kits come with the necessary bricks, fully color-printed custom packaging, and an instruction booklet. Below you will find the first three pages of the instruction booklet that were customized specifically for SentinelOne. Page one of the booklet matches the design on the custom box.

Sentinel One Lego Kit Cover with Cyber Security Center



Since then, they have always returned to us when they needed more kits, working together to update the designs and keep them current through various rebrandings.

Here is what a SentinelOne team member had to say about our work with them on this corporate kit: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent collaboration we have had. It has been a pleasure working with your team!”

Below is an example of the first version that was originally designed, which has evolved into the current version. These are both photos that recipients of the kits shared with us via LinkedIn!


Through LEGO® bricks, SentinelOne's Security Operations Center comes to life, illustrating the complexity and resilience required in the realm of cybersecurity. The LEGO®-inspired SOC serves as a tangible representation of their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and ultimate protection for their clients. We could not be happier to have them as one of our corporate clients!

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