Medieval Windmill - BuildaMOC
Medieval Windmill - BuildaMOC
Medieval Windmill - BuildaMOC
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Medieval Windmill


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    PART COUNT 2064
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A digital recreation of on older MOC of mine. It's pretty much the same but has a slightly simplified base and a different roof on the tower.

The original version has a cone shaped roof with 1x2 tiles clipped on hoses. 
I switched to another technique with cheese slopes as getting the hoses round in Studio is pretty much impossible to get right. 
I'll keep practising on that as I often use that technique in my MOCs.Nevertheless it's a decent enough alternative to get a coned shape.

Eventho the MOC isn't very big (23,5 x 21,6 x 22,0 cm), it still consist of 2064 pieces. 
There are no rare or expensive pieces used in this MOC, I always keep that in mind.

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