M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
M3 Half-Track (Long Version)
  • SKU: BAM-111

M3 Half-Track (Long Version)


    Extra Information

    PART COUNT 2588
  • Vendor: BuildAMOC
  • Barcode:
  • 5 Motors (2x L for Drive, 1x Servo for Steering, 1x M for Differential Lock, 1x M for Gear Switch), remote controlled
  • Made for difficult Terrain
  • Driven Front Axle with large Suspension Travel
  • Chain driven and sprung
  • Chains stretched over separate Springs
  • 3 lockable Differentials (Front Axle, Chain Drive, Longitudinal), remote controlled
  • Front Wheel to sprocket Ratio adjusted for Operation with locked Differentials
  • 2 Gears, remote controlled
  • Automatic pneumatic Valve, used for Differential Lock (Designed by Sariel)
  • All Doors can be folded (Locked via Rubber Bands)
  • Fold-out Transport Grilles at the Rear
  • Foldable Shield Screen at the Front
  • Long Bumper with manually Winch
  • MOC-47802 available as a Trailer
  • True to Scale to match the Jeep Willys (MOC-44695/44696)
  • Compartment for BuWizz and Powerbank
  • IR-Control can be used alternatively, enough Space is available
  • Scale 1:11,5
  • Dimensions see Picture below

Required Pneumatic Hoses:
Blue: 24cm
Black: 83cm
Grey: 80cm


  • Large Gear can only be operated with BuWizz in Ludicrous Mode, as too much Energy is required
  • Relatively low Speed as it is heavily reduced for off-road use


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