Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
Wheel Loader L586 - BuildaMOC
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Wheel Loader L586


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    PART COUNT 12153
  • Vendor: technicbasics
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In collaboration with Schwaiwal (Johann Steindl) the largest model I have drawn so far was born here.
A gigantic wheel loader with approx. 12,150 parts, which was modeled on the Liebherr L586.
In order to be able to use the necessary force to move the model weighing around 10 kilograms, each wheel is driven by 2 XL-motors.
For this purpose, each motor is connected to a separate output of a Buwizz.
The vehicle is steered by 4 linear actuators driven by 2x L-motors.
The Manual Version does not include any motor/Buwizz.

Further highlights:
Compressorunit with two pneumatic pumps operated by 2 buggy motors,
Remote controlled pneumatic valves via servomotors,
6-cylinder in-line (fake) engine operated by an M-motor with a 120 ° offset crankshaft, valve tappets and rocker arms, (Free instruction here)
micromotor that generates a realistic turning movement of the steering wheel during the steering movement,
swing axle at the rear,
pneumatically sprung driver's seat
3 reserve Buwizz connections so that nothing stands in the way of future lighting installation
A pdf with the stickers for printing is included with the building instructions.

Technical data:
Number of parts: 12153 including 2332 rubber connectors (45590)
Length: 105cm (131 Studs)
Widht: 32cm (40 Studs)
Hight: 40,5cm (51 Studs)
Number of built-in motors: 16 pieces (8x XL, 2x L, 2x Buggy, 2x Servo, 1x M, 1x Micro)
Energy supply: 4x Buwizz
Total length of pneumatic tubes: 5.8m
Highest point when the shovel is raised: 64cm
Weight: approx. 10kg

- Build this model is hard, if you have never built a Lego Technic set, I recommend you to do it first. Doing that is not necessary but it will help you later when you have to built this model
- The instructions has been tested by Lego Technic expert builders, if you can't built it and you think the instructions are wrong, please check your built twice before ask me.
- This is a Lego model and not a model building model!
- Due to the high weight, the running time of the model is rather short (approx. 6-7 minutes in normal mode) for the drive train. An additional power bank is recommended for a longer term.
- The model is purely a functional model and isn't intended for outdoor use.
- Attention: In the footer of the building instructions it is wrongly stated that only purchases by technicbasics from j-e.at or rebrickable.com are legal copies. The building instructions were created before the publication on buildamoc.com. Buildamoc.com is of course also entitled to pass on copies of the manual.
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