Helm's Deep, UCS scale
Helm's Deep, UCS scale
Helm's Deep, UCS scale
Helm's Deep, UCS scale
Helm's Deep, UCS scale
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Helm's Deep, UCS scale


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"Yes. Yes! The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep, one last time." - Theoden

The fortress of Helm's Deep lays in a gorge between the White Mountains, through which the Deeping Spring runs. It was here that great battle was fought against the cruel army of Saruman, ending with a decisive victory for the side of those who opposed him.

The entire fortress has been made much taller and broader. The walls are taller, the courtyards larger and now include the spiral staircases as seen in the films.

More detail has been added to the fortress itself, with the addition of the Glittering Caves below Helm's Deep and the stairs which will take the fleeing Rohan women and children to safety.

The Great Hall has been greatly improved with much more detail added, and includes a swing out back wall and removable roof to allow for easy access.

This MOC contains 6089 parts, and the dimensions are 101.6 cm (40") by 77.8cm (30.6"0  and stands 47.3cm (18.6"). Care has been taken to try to keep the cost of the parts for this set as affordable as possible while still keeping all the detail and size impressive

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