BuWizz 3.0 Pro - BuildaMOC
BuWizz 3.0 Pro - BuildaMOC
  • SKU: BAM-940

BuWizz 3.0 Pro


All you need is one brick

  • 4 Powered UP/ Control+ ports – accommodate motors, lights and sensors (including Boost, Spike, WeDo 2.0, MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor).
  • 2 Power Functions ports with high Power output for more speed and torque (also compatible with older 9V system).

High performance rechargeable
Li-Po battery

  • Capacity 2300 mAh, 8.5 Wh.
  • Offers high power for your motors.
  • Large capacity battery for long run times.
  • Quick recharging through USB-C.
  • Much more powerful and environmentally friendly than AA or AAA batteries.
  • Replaceable.

New App features and gauges 

  • 4 PoweredUP/Control+ ports are illuminated with RGB LEDs, allowing for a myriad of light effects.
  • 3 axis Acceleration sensor – allows measuring of acceleration, G-force in cornering, attitude of your model, etc.
  • Current sensors on all 6 ports – can visually show you power consumed by each motor in real time.

View more information on: https://buwizz.com/buwizz-3-0-pro/

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