GBC - Bin End, By Pinno
GBC - Bin End, By Pinno
GBC - Bin End, By Pinno
GBC - Bin End, By Pinno
GBC - Bin End, By Pinno
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GBC - Bin End, By Pinno


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Bin End is a wonderful LEGO Great Ball Contraption module designed by Pinno, a talented Scottish GBC builder.

This long and very cool ball machine has three separate sections, each with its own mechanism.
The adventures of your favorite LEGO GBC balls start with a Stepper. Then they continue with some slides down several ramps, on which the balls are pushed by sliding axles. Finally, they end with a nice spin in a wheel until the balls reach their final destination.

This GBC module is very reliable and perfect for beginners who are new to GBC as well as for more experienced machine builders.

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