Lego Computer : Digicomp - BuildaMOC
Lego Computer : Digicomp - BuildaMOC
Lego Computer : Digicomp - BuildaMOC
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Lego Computer : Digicomp


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This creation is The digicomp 2, it is a mechanical binary computer sold as a plastic toy in 1963. Capable to count, multiply, divide, and run simple 2 inputs program depending of how it is programmed.

You can program it by put or remove some parts on each input (2 inputs), and then operate by moving the clock, the machine will read the input value and then operate depending of the truth table you set, then it gives you the result (one output) in binary.

You can see the video of the article on my blog to know more how it is made and how it works. The PDF building instructions are included in the package and also include few example of program you can make (count up and down, guess the day…)

We can do custom part lists, designs and make MOCs which are not on our page. Send us a message with what you want, and we'll work for you!