Working Ski Hill - BuildaMOC
Working Ski Hill - BuildaMOC
Working Ski Hill - BuildaMOC
Working Ski Hill - BuildaMOC
Working Ski Hill - BuildaMOC
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Working Ski Hill


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This is a fully operational ski hill that allows your minifigs to go skiing on their own. The ski lift will bring your minifigs to the top of the hill, where a turntable turns them around and sends them down the slope. Once they reach the bottom, another turntable brings them to the base of the lift, taking them back to the top.

Here is a short demonstration video showing how the model works.

The lift can be operated manually, using a crank on the back of the model, or powered with any LEGO compatible motor. The angle of the slope can also be easily adjusted, using a knob on the back, to match the performance of your minifigs. 

Two versions of the model are available, both of which include one minifig with skis. If you'd like two additional minifigures with skis, there is a third option that you can additionally add to the cart. The Yeti is not included in this set! 


If you have your own motors, or would like to power the model by hand, you can order the manual version. It includes all the pieces you need to connect a Power Functions, Powered UP or Circuit Cubes Cubit motor.


The motorized version also includes a Circuit Cubes motor, battery box, and the wire needed to connect them. The building instructions illustrate how to connect the motor into the model.

We can do custom part lists, designs and make MOCs which are not on our page. Send us a message with what you want, and we'll work for you!