Hangover, by TonyFlow76
Hangover, by TonyFlow76
Hangover, by TonyFlow76
Hangover, by TonyFlow76
Hangover, by TonyFlow76
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Hangover, by TonyFlow76


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After a small break on his LEGO activities, the king of LEGO automata is back.

And I can bet that his latest creation will not leave you indifferent, no matter if you subscribe or not to the "spirit" of the build.

Hangover, the latest automaton from TonyFlow76, is a truly unconventional build featuring a character having stomach problems, squatting on his knees in front of his toilet.

Unlike most of his other automata, this LEGO automaton is using a lever instead of a crank.
Pushing the lever gives to the poor character nauseating spasms which looks so realistic, sometimes forcing him to plunge his head into toilet bowl.

Do not miss this so funny build, a creation that will for sure entertain your friends (maybe reminding them about some evening parties which went unexpected) and that you can reproduce now thanks to ready-to-build LEGO set available on BuildaMOC! 

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