Modular Cathedral
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Modular Cathedral


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Design by -Felix- from GRUNDSTEIN.

This Cathedral was designed in Lego Digital designer during 2016 and the construction took one and a half years and another year for the instructions in blueprint. It was remastered in 2021, to improve instructions, and change some bricks.

It consists of over 22000 bricks and uses a lot of advanced techniques for stained glass Windows, a lot of vertically placed bricks as well as huge parts of the building which are displaced by half a brick to each other.

The build is extremely complex, so it's only recommended for experienced builders.  It's 87 cm high and it uses two 48x48 base- plates, so it measures 37x 78x 87cm. It's fully interiored, has benches, sacresty, confessional and everything else a gothic Cathedral needs and is devideable in 11 submodels. If you want, you can admire the inventory and play with it like with any other modular building.

A mayor inspiration was the neogothic evangelic Church of my hometown Offenburg  for the overall shape in combination with the Freiburg Minster for the Tower. One mayor point was to illustrate the centuries that went into building those cathedrales and the changes in style that came with them. If you have a closer look, you may spot that the southern facade is a bit more rough and not as sleek as and detailed as the northern facade. That's because it was build first.

I designed it for everyone who collects and loves the modular building series and wants to complete his city with an epic cathedral or is looking for a new centerpiece for the Lego collection.

You can find more pictures on rebrickable or everything you need to collect the pieces yourself on Rebrickable:

Chris from @lets go Lego on Youtube is doing a beautiful series about building the Cathedral. He collected all the parts himself and went a bit "nuts" sorting and counting the bricks. But here on buildaMoc, you don't have to do that ;) If you want a peak into building the Cathedral, you should definitively give it a watch:

The entire playlist:

NOTE: The designed experienced some minor changes over the years, so you may spot some small differences between the renders and photos.

If you have any questions just send me a message on Rebrickable.

Have fun while building!

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