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Lotus 79 - scale 1:8
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Lotus 79 - scale 1:8


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1978 Formula 1 car designed by Colin Chapman also called the "Black Beauty"
The Lotus 79 was the first F1 car to take full advantage of ground effects aerodynamics introducing the era of the so-called "wing cars".
The car was powered by the Ford Cosworth DFV V8 and constructed of sheet aluminum honeycomb, specially strengthened for the pressures exerted on the car by the ground effect. The fuel tank was one single cell behind the driver.
Mario Andretti and Lotus were crowned Champions well before the season was over. There was a very sad note to the season after Ronnie Peterson was involved in a fatal start accident at Monza: posthumously Peterson finished the season second in the championship.

This 1:8 model is 551 mm long, 256 mm wide, 115 mm high, and features working suspensions, steering wheels, fake V8 engine, moving skirts, sidepods with Venturi underside.

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