RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
RC Combine Harvester - BuildaMOC
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RC Combine Harvester (DEUTZ-FAHR TopLiner 4080HTS)


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I want to present to you my RC Combine Harvester MOC. It is inspired by a Deutz-Fahr M1600 Series, but it also looks similar to a Case or a Massey Ferguson. The special thing about it is that it has full leveling system. These special models had portal axles in the front with long hydraulic cylinders and an axle frame in the back that you could hydraulically lower to harvest the steepest fields- like you find in many places in Switzerland. 

The slope compensation is needed because the threshing function of a combine only works properly in a straight condition. If the combine enters a slope and is not compensated, its threshing mechanism is no longer efficient. 

I really wanted to include this leveling system into my MOC, because it brings a lot of fun, is interesting to build and it is something new- I have never seen it done with Lego before.


The instructions have as much pages as a harry potter book. It is easy to build if you had built other technic sets. It's challenging and entertaining. The build is modular on many points.

All the wiring is easy to follow and color-coded.

You get 4 separate files. 2 for the combine, 1 for the header and 1 for the trailer.

- Opening of the side panels
- Driving and steering
- Leveling system with portal axles in the front and axle stool in the rear
- Unfolding of the unloader
- Rotating V8 engine
- Moving straw walker
- Rotating pre air filter
- Raising and lowering of the header
- Rotating reel
- Rotating auger
- Lifting and lowering reel

When the header is docked, the motor is automatically connected to it, nothing else needs to be connected. 

- 47cm long / 66cm with header / 106cm long with trailer
- 21cm wide
- 24cm high / 30cm high when slope compensation extended

In this MOC are 10 motors:

- 2x PF L-engine for the drive
- 1 x PF L-engine for lifting and lowering the beam
- 2x PF L-Motor for the slope compensation at the front axle
- 1x PF M-motor for slope compensation at the rear axle
- 1x PF M motor for driving the engine, the air filter, the shakers
- 1x PF M motor for driving the threshing drum
- 1x PF M motor for the unloading pipe
- 1x PF servo motor for the steering
- 1x Buwizz

We can do custom part lists, designs and make MOCs which are not on our page. Send us a message with what you want, and we'll work for you!