Red Bull Racing F1 RB20 1:8 Scale
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Red Bull Racing F1 RB20 1:8 Scale

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Red Bull Racing F1 RB20 1:8 Scale
This is second car of 2024 wave.
2024 wave brings new updates and ideas to the design. Some of the updates I added during the 2023 season but I took them further.
In 2024 main focus was put into recreating the real type of suspensions for every car. Red Bull like McLaren, RB, Kick Sauber use pull rod in front and push rod in the rear section.
I also reworked rear wing its wider, the DRS flap is bigger, there are also changes to the diffuser and overall floor section.
The main challenge was to do that bulky area around middle section, the last wedge part had to be black as it doesn't exist in dark blue and I think its the best to use there. Same for 71708 and panels #3 and 4 they dont exist in dark blue so need to be covered with stickers which they would be anyway because of logotype.
Front wing now has 4 layers of winglets like in real car the front section also has been changed. The sloping into the front wing is shaped differently to also catch curves more accurate.
In the chassis I also recreated imitation of whole ERS system, I added battery, MGU-H, MGU-K, Turbine and also kept fuel tank on top.
Dimensions 69 x 25 x 13 cm
Weight 3,0 kg 
It features:
- front pull rod and rear push rod suspension
- fake v6 engine with ERS imitation
- removable front wing but not very straightforward as now its fixed more into the front section but still possible   
- removable engine cover,   
- removable headrest system   
- drs activate by lever in cockpit
- steering (tires winglets also turns)
- hidden details like tank, seat-belts, radiators, venturi tunnels, ERS ect 
The instruction has been done in in PDF. 
Follow me here:
YouTube - Lukas RS Design

Stickers included!
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