Pacific P12
Pacific P12
Pacific P12
Pacific P12
Pacific P12
Pacific P12
Pacific P12
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Pacific P12


    Extra Information

    PART COUNT 2479
  • Vendor: BuildaMOC
  • Barcode:
  • 6x6x2 Powertrain with Differentials (Axles and Longitudinal)
  • The most stable Original Lego-Components are used for the Drive and Steering (Cardan, Differentials, Planetary Gears, symmetrical Transmission Structure)
  • All Axles Leaf Spring suspended
  • 2 Gears (Heavy Duty Gear, Normal Drive Gear)
  • In the Heavy Duty Gear, the Longitudinal Lock is automatically engaged
  • Diesel Sound generated mechanically (stepless from Idle to full Throttle)
  • Stable, fully functional and remote-controlled and manually operable Fifth Wheel
  • Pneumatic Tubing with multiple Connections for Consumers like Trailers
  • 7 Motors (2x XL for Drive, 1x Servo for Steering, 1x M for Idling, 1x Servo for Fifth Wheel, 1x M for Gearshifting, 1x Pneumatic Pump)
  • 2x BuWizz for Remote Control
  • 346 Pages of Building Instructions
  • Dimensions see below

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