GBC - Circus, By Pinno
GBC - Circus, By Pinno
GBC - Circus, By Pinno
GBC - Circus, By Pinno
GBC - Circus, By Pinno
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GBC - Circus, By Pinno


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Circus is a long LEGO Great Ball Contraption with two wheels launched at full speed.

This GBC module with its classy black and red look is one of Pinno's latest masterpieces.

This LEGO ball machine features a sturdy stepper-type staircase, which looks rather classic on first sight but whose originality lies in its last step: a sliding plate that controls the flow of GBC balls to the main wheels.

The rapid rotation of the two wheels will centrifuge your favorite basketballs and footballs.

This solid LEGO GBC module is also visually stunning. And you'll find yourself mesmerized by the flow of GBC balls down the track's ramps.

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