In Pictures: Building a Custom Business Model for VEDP

by Gerardo Guidera on September 22, 2022
Custom LEGO Business Kits ready to ship

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), got in touch with us, wanting to create a custom kit to give away to some VIPs at an event. Since LEGO® will be building their new, and first factory in the USA, in the state of Virginia, it was a fantastic occasion to have some LEGO® related swag!

We bounced some ideas off each other, until we settled on a model of the Port of Virginia, the third-largest port on the East Coast of the US.

Custom LEGO Model Instructions

Using the build, they were able to showcase, and most importantly, engage people on the benefits of the Port.

We test built the model before shipping out, and here are some fantastic pictures of the model, with a custom printed metallic silver plaque.

Custom LEGO Kit Packaging

 With sober, 1.7mm thick cardboard packaging, it was hard enough to be shipped. The test build was a blast, and now, one of these models sits nicely on our desk!

Test Building a Custom LEGO Model
Custom LEGO Business Model Port of Virginia
The Custom LEGO Kit on our desk

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