Xtreme Tracked Racer
  • SKU: BAM-519

Xtreme Tracked Racer


The Xtreme Tracked Racer is an off-road racer with plenty of clearance for the tallest grass and roughest terrain. For extra tall grass it is fitted with a bash plate to keep the gearing protected.
It is powered by two L-motors geared at 1:1.6 ratio, giving a balance of speed and torque and so it is neither a crawler nor a sprinter.
The car body is built at about 420984209342075 scale, but because of the tracks, it will need a custom trailer to be built to be hauled by the Car Transporter.


4 point suspension
Hinged upper body
Two L motors
4x LED lights (optional, the LEDs are listed as spare parts)


Length:     36.5 studs     11.5"     29.2 cm
Width:       27.6 studs     8.7"       22.1 cm
Height:      17.2 studs     5.4"      13.8 cm