Truck-R 5580 Microbuild
Truck-R 5580 Microbuild
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Truck-R 5580 Microbuild

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I had the 5580 (Highway Rig) official lego set from 1986 in my childhood, but I sold it with all my LEGO, to begin living in my dark ages. ;) Before I got this a second time (sadly with different box art), I have built a couple other micro truck models. After I saw the LEGO 60th birthday tournaments, began to build this version, but I missed the deadlines. So here it is, the MOC of the classic Highway Rig set, with minor updates.


Those who purchase the instructions will receive:
- A 56-step, carefully designed, detailed instruction (pdf)
- Bricklink parts list (xml)

This is not a simple export. Each step is thoroughly reviewed to give you the best possible building experience.