Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel) - BuildaMOC
Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel) - BuildaMOC
Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel) - BuildaMOC
Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel) - BuildaMOC
Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel) - BuildaMOC
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Trailer with struts (Auflieger mit Spriegel)


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The next milestone in collaboration with Holgi

This trailer with bow is a further extension for the DAF XF 460.

After the overseas container trailer, there is now another variant to fully embark on long-distance transport.

A trailer that is in no way inferior to an original trailer is created here from a good 4000 parts.

The side panels can be folded down and, after removing the plug-in boards, the struts can be loosened and moved to facilitate loading from the side.

If there is no forklift available, the trailer is equipped with a fully functional tail lift. These can be folded and lowered separately from each other.

In addition, the front axle was made liftable. This saves tires and fuel when you run empty.

Another highlight is the mechanical parking brake.

Two wedges are pulled into the center of the axle by means of a cable, which then actuate a mechanism that presses the rubber connectors on the brake discs and thus ensures that the trailer can be parked safely.

In order to enable a possible attachment of a tarpaulin, eyelets are provided in the front wall as well as on the side walls and on the rear frame to enable such a tarpaulin to be hung.

In order to achieve a characteristic driving behavior, an expansion section was built into the upper longitudinal strut on the roof so that the trailer can bend slightly after being coupled to the towing vehicle. This ensures that the structure of the trailer can move and twist when driving over obstacles or the like.

Of course, a lot of love was again put into details, including the following points:

*Indication of the compressed air and electrical connections on the front wall

detachable ladder

*Spare wheel holder on the underside

*Control elements for the tail lift, both outside and on the tailgate itself

*Marker lights on the roof and on the side

All of the above functions can be operated mechanically and do not require any motors or the like. The controls are very easy to reach after folding up the right underrun protection.


Technical specifications:

Dimensions L x W x H



118 x 21 (23 with eyelets) x 33 studs

944 x 168 (184 with eyelets) x 265 mm

Number of parts: 4018


Total with tractor:

138 x 21 (26 over all) x 33 studs

1110 x 168 (208 over all) x 265 mm

Number of parts: 6898

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