McLaren F1 MCL35M 1:8 Scale
McLaren F1 MCL35M 1:8 Scale
McLaren F1 MCL35M 1:8 Scale
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McLaren F1 MCL35M 1:8 Scale


This is McLaren F1 MCL35M first car from 2021 season. The new 2021 specification brings new floor this time more narrowed at the back. I also designed new diffuser so all cars from 2021 will have it. Also the front wing has been replaced for the Mercedes look and some minor changes at sidepods.

It’s in scale 1:8.
Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm
Weight 2,0 kg
It features:
- front and rear suspension
- fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala instruction here:
- removable front wing   
- removable engine cover,   
- removable headrest system   
- drs 
- steering
- new diffuser

Parts list also include parts from Fake V6 engine with my small modification on top with bushes.

The instruction has been done in in PDF.

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