McLaren F1 MCL35
McLaren F1 MCL35
McLaren F1 MCL35
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McLaren F1 MCL35


This is McLaren F1 MCL35 car from 2020 season. I wanted to updated it and new livery gave some better design options so I prefer this over MCL34.
It’s in scale 1:8.
Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm
Weight 2,0 kg
Pieces: 2192
It features:
- front and rear suspension
- fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala instruction here:
- removable front wing   
- removable engine cover,   
- removable headrest system   
- drs 
- steering

The instruction has been done in in PDF. 

I also designed stickers sheet (not included in the kit)

Hope you enjoy it.