LEGO 42054-Claas Xerion RC mod
LEGO 42054-Claas Xerion RC mod
LEGO 42054-Claas Xerion RC mod
  • SKU: BAM-165

LEGO 42054-Claas Xerion RC mod


Difficulty level: medium


Remote controlled functions:


  1. Driving forward / backward (all-wheel drive)
  2. Steer right / left
  3. Steering functions can be switched in app:
    1. only in front
    2. only in the back
    3. All-wheel steering
    4. Dog / crab steering
  4. Raise / lower the front lift
  5. Raise / lower the rear lift
  6. PTO shaft (rear)
  7. Cabin can be rotated 180 °


Data sheet:

Length: 52 studs (42.6 cm)

Width: 22.5 studs (18 cm)

Height: 27.5 Studs (22 cm)

Weight: 1.6 kg

Number of parts used: 1531

Scale: 1 / 17.5

Number of motors installed: 7; 1x XL motor (drive), 2x servo motor (steering), 4x M motor (front and rear hydraulics, rear PTO, turn cab)


Number of Buwizz used: 2

With the purchase of a LEGO 42054 Set you will receive the "step by step" instructions all required parts and the two Buwizz 2.0 Units  to build the high-quality model in a 1/17,5 scale of from scratch. The instructions were created with a lot of work and are not allowed to be shared or published anywhere else.


The Instructions alone are available at