Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)
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Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002)

Force of Bricks & The Brick Collective | Hannah The Horntail Bust (fobobhp002) | 2021

I'm glad to present you with Hannah the Horntail, which is inspired by the Hungarian Horntail as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It is my first official collaboration with Tobias Nieder (aka Brickbob) from The Brick-Collective. He brought up the idea to develop a HP inspired dragon and I did my very best to design a satisfying build for you. Tobias supported me by doing the instructions for our little beauty. 
The MOC contains 912 parts
109 pages HQ PDF instructions made in Studio and PS, XML partlist

Main features:
- UCS-Scale
- Movable jaw and neck
- Can be attached to the wall (please use screws and wall plugs to savely attach the model to the wall!)
Grab your own copy today and enjoy building our cute but wild Hannah!

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