\\ CUSTOMS Rim Mk-2
\\ CUSTOMS Rim Mk-2
  • SKU: BAM-841

\\ CUSTOMS Rim Mk-2


The BuildaMOC \\ CUSTOMS Mk-2 Rim is a Duo-tone custom rim which fits all 1:8 LEGO® Technic Car projects.

The Duo-tone technology offers the possibility of customising the rims to fit your LEGO® Car. Choose the color that suits your needs, from a classic full-black rim, to a aggressive green/black scheme if you want to make a point.

The rims come in two pieces. A top part which is customised and made of a special material which undergoes a polishing process, and a base. The base is the body of the wheel.

It features a special interlocking system between the two, which ensures that they stay together. Twist the cap in the base until you hear the characteristic 'click'.

All of our rims come with pins to connect to the brake discs, and a stud in the middle to be able to attach your favourite brand car tile.

The price is for the set of 4 rims!