Mini RC Race Buggy
Mini RC Race Buggy
  • SKU: BAM-646

Mini RC Race Buggy


This MOC is built to be a fast and agile off roader ready to tackle any driving conditions you throw at it. Combining great looks and style with fast speeds and great driving performance both on-road and off-road!

Powered by the incredible LEGO Technic 9V RC Buggy Motor coupled with BuWizz 2.0 you can achieve high speeds while also maintaining precise control. Built in speed selection can be done by switching through the 4 different modes of the BuWizz Brick. Whether you would like to use SLOW, NORMAL, FAST or LUDICROUS to take advantage of maximum power.


- BuWizz 2.0
- 9V RC Buggy Motor or BuWizz Motor
- PF Servo Motor

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