\\ CUSTOMS Rim Giano - BuildaMOC
\\ CUSTOMS Rim Giano - BuildaMOC
  • SKU: BAM-1059

\\ CUSTOMS Rim Giano


The BuildaMOC \\ CUSTOMS Giano Rim is a high quality custom rim which fits LEGO® Technic Car projects.

The rims are 3D printed using high grade machinery, which is able to produce them with incredible quality. After printing, the rims undergo a polishing and cleaning process, and they are painted in your color of choice. Colors available are gold, copper, silver or pearlescent black.

The rims come in two pieces. A top part which is customised and made of a special material which undergoes a polishing process, and a base. The base is the body of the wheel.

It features a special interlocking system between the two, which ensures that they stay together. Twist the cap in the base until you hear the characteristic 'click'.

All of our rims come with pins to connect to the brake discs. Fits regular 1:8 tires (like Bugatti, Sián).

4 rims + bases included in the set!

We can do custom part lists, designs and make MOCs which are not on our page. Send us a message with what you want, and we'll work for you!