2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine
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2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine


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  • Vendor: BuildaMOC
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  • Row Six Cylinder Diesel Engine with working Pistons (Mack Rims), Crankshaft, Camshaft und Turbocharger (in Reality, these Engines do not have a Camshaft, the Valves are controlled hydropneumatically. But it looks more lively this Way. You can also leave them out)
  • Complete Control with Mindstorms EV3 (start/stop sequence, variable speed setting, sound generation, Turbocharger Control)
  • Automated Start Sequence (Acoustic warning Signals, slow Test Rotation, Engine Start with simulated compressed Air Control, then transition to idle Operation, Turbocharger starts delayed)
  • Speed can be adjusted via Control Panel between 50 rpm and 100 rpm, LEDs indicate high speed Range, the Turbocharger adapts to the Speed with a Delay
  • Automated Stop Sequence (Speed Reduction until Standstill, Turbocharger continues to run for a long Time afterwards)
  • Openable Maintenance Hatches
  • Software Control of the two Drive Motors for synchronous Operation
  • Scale 1:17 (estimated)
  • Building Instructions consisting of 1205 Pages with Instructions for Mindstorms and Operating Instructions. Many additional Pictures to support the Assembly
  • 2x Big Mindstorms-Motors for Drive
  • 1x Small Mindstorms-Motor for Turbocharger
  • By simply omitting the Mindstorms Components, it can be built as a Floor Model
  • Some Experience and Tweezers are required for Assembly
  • Dimensions: Length: 74,9cm; Width: 49,0cm; Height: 60,4cm; Weight: 8,78kg


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